February 8th, 2015

Once again on a Sunday morning I sat in the office talking to fishermen as they went home and overall this I would say it was a 7 on a 1-10 scale.  Not that many took Walleyes home, but a lot of Walleyes were caught in some areas. and the Perch activity was surprising.  They were caught in some of the typical areas, but the shallow spots where they got some nice ones were nice to see.  (shades of the old late season days…)

Friday evening the deeper spots  24-28′ were better for Walleyes, Where 10-14′ had been better over the last week. Saturday when the sun came out the Perch took over in the shallow and the NW side of the Graveyard seen Walleye action from midday to late evening. A lot of fishermen said from 2 to 5am Sunday morning was a busy rattle reel time.

Saturday night quite a few big Walleyes 26 to 29″ were caught and released on the Tundra, Popes and East Bar.  And this morning some had early am action.  It was nice to see.  Unfortunately not all had the good fortune….but that is why it’s called fishing.  🙂

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy