February 8th,2018

We are all set-up for the weekend and it starts tomorrow. With the storm system passing to our south the weather conditions will be good and hopefully we will have a stable barometer. And that usually helps with the bite.

All our roads we maintain are open and in good shape with no cracks or ridges to worry about for wheelhouse people. And the snow conditions still allow for off-road travel as long as you watch where you are going. In some areas the rougher ice trapped snow, but it is pretty obvious  and easy to avoid.

The Lybacks TWP Tournament is full as of today and those that sent checks we sill still accept as long as they arrive by Saturday in the mail.  All others called will be called and returned.  We have alot of prizes and are hoping for a good weather day on February 24th.  A rule sheet is being made and will be posted soon.  All contestants will receive when they register Saturday morning before the tournament. Make SURE you have a digital camera of smart phone to take pictures of the fish you catch to prove it was caught during tournament hours.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy