Feburary 1st 2013

Thursday night was nasty out there.  Temps were – 20 and NW winds made wind chills to -40 or so.  Only a few people stayed out and the fishermen in shallow did the best.   Most of Friday was spent getting rentals ready and plowing driveways to private owned houses so I didn’t talk to many out there, but this evening before 8:00p.m. reports were coming in at the office that the Walleye bite at dust in anywhere from 8 to 20 feet was good.  Most too big to keep, but there were some happy fishermen.  Once again there are more small Perch in the shallow rocks and they can be a pest during the day, but it is getting the Walleyes in there at night.   Ice was really rumbling with the cold and lots of small cracks everywhere, but most all of them were freezing immediately.   And the ice is so cold now the holes freezing are a problem for those in portables and poorly banked houses.   What to you expect when its -20?!!     Sounds like the weather is going to be more seasonable the next week so fishing out there with portables will be a lot easier.

Keep a tight Line!!