January 10th, 2013 8:45 pm

Today was a busy one getting ready for the rain and junk coming.  Fishing reports were mixed with some good catches overnight but slower today. Overnight has been the best so far. Seen a 30 plus inch Walleye caught in on of our rentals today.    A 38″ Northern caught and released and  some other individual big catches.  But then some of the fishermen had a tough day too.

The rain started at 7:30 and still is coming down but at least not heavily.  Forecast sounded like only 3-4 hours of it then letting up.  ( I Hope!)   One thing for sure if your plan on coming up this weekend you had better bring ice cleats.  It’s going to be very slick out there and if we don’t get any snow as it turns colder Saturday it will be really slick.   Due to the cold weather coming we are going to stick with 1/2 ton trucks/single axle wheelhouses,  3/4 ton trucks by themselves and smaller vehicles of our place.  Nothing bigger period.  With the ice as warm as it is now and when the cold gets to it there is going to be some major cracking going on out there especially on Sunday when people are leaving.   Slow speeds, 5-7 mph, will never be more important than the next couple days.   After this weekend sounds like we will have some ice-making weather and things will improve a lot.

If you want to catch that big Walleye of a lifetime or just have fun catching 20-27 inch Walleyes this winter is going to be that chance, so enjoy it while you can!!

Keep a tight line!