January 10th, 2018

Last evening and this morning  the bite was sporadic, but there were some good reports and some nice Walleyes C/R.  The best “catching” reports came from as little as 14′ to 20′ .  The deeper breaks were not as well, but one report from some anglers in 29′ did well overnight on Tuesday.  One angler in 14′ seen over 30 Walleyes on his camera during the afternoon, but only caught one.  It seems that there is more baitfish in close and the Walleye are coming up to feed in the evening.

Today with the warm temps we lost a fair amount of snow, (what little we had), and it sounds like we are in the middle of the to areas that are going to get the larger amounts.  But we are going to get the wind.  All the banking on the houses is wet and heavy and I’m hoping we get enough snow and blowing so we can get rid of the by then “frozen” banking and replace it with new fresh snow.  All the roads are clean and ready and I’m sure they will blow clean with the wind.  I have one more stretch to complete our “gravel bar” road to clear but will work on that after the wind.  Another resort plowed out to that area I have gone for over 25 years, but that is not going to stop where I have always gone.  It to bad that other businesses don’t respect that anymore.  Even though it’s a public lake, there has always been respect for others in the business and where they have went for years.  🙁   But with little snow so far this year everyone is plowing everywhere out there…  We’ll see who stays when the going gets rough..

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy