January 10th,2015

Friday evening’s bite was good for most.  The nicest fish came from shallow water. Heard of a 28″ Walleye on Gull.  Some of the deeper houses that did well earlier in the week didn’t do so well last night.  This morning the barometer was very high and from what reports I heard this evening, it was a pretty quiet day except for small Perch and small  Walleyes.  I think the lack of snow cover on the ice is having an effect on the day bite also. Most fishermen that were in 25′ plus were seeing Walleyes on the cameras, but they were not active.

The sun was out all day and by afternoon there were fishermen outside fishing which was a first in awhile.  As far as a day to spend on the ice…today was a good one.

We are and will be moving a lot of houses this next week to get them out of the drifts from the last week’s 3 big winds, and to try new spots. Sounds like the next week we could see temps in the 30’s and when that happens the ice doesn’t “float” as well and extra weight of the big drifts around houses will cause flooding problems for the heavier ones.  So we are going to get ahead of the game the next couple days.

Keep a Tight Line!