January 10th, 2014

Last night a lot of our houses caught some Walleyes, mostly too big and not that many.  Fishing today was mainly busy with small Perch.  Some reports of line breaking Northen Pike.  As much as I would like to say more, that was it.

I am getting out farther to the deeper mud lines of the areas we go.  I really don’t know if fishing will be better but we are going to try.  It is what we always do.  This year has been difficult with fishing and getting there to say the least.

I have roads to our normal Perch spots east of the Tullibee Hole, to the NE side of the Banana Reef and south to the southern tip of it, but haven’t crossed it to the north yet.  Still some areas of slush, (which means cracks) , and with the amount of snow that is out there and the ice conditions, I’m not going to go thru that.  A lot of the areas are frozen and you can go over the top of them if you check them first, but if you don’t check it……….

Keep a Tight Line….Eddy