January 11th, 2013 6:45pm

Overnight we had some rain, but fortunately not much.  Temps stayed warm today with a lot of fog but overnight we are supposed to get winds gusting to thirty plus and temps will be dropping to the teens by morning.  Things will start freezing up out there.   Hopefully we will get a little snow for banking houses as most was lost today.

Fishing overnight last night was good in the shallows and also on some of the deeper rock transitions for some fishermen.  Most all too big to keep, but fun.  Today Perch activity was good on the first reef with some of the first good catches of “Jumbos”  I’ve heard of this year.  Nice to see, I was beginning to wonder……..

As the temps drop Saturday and Sunday and the ice chills down we expect a lot of cracking to happen.  Especially with all the traffic out there.  We are caution all of our customers to minimize travel once on the ice and when coming in Sunday to keep an eye open for problems on the roads.  We have 15-18 inches of ice which is good, but with a 40 plus degree temperature change coming, things will happen.  That’s why we are limiting size an weights of vehicles out there.  (No 1 ton pickups and dual axle wheelhouses).   We still have the pressure ridge to the gravel to deal with and we are going to wait until it stays cold for a couple days. For this weekend everything will be on this side of the ridge.   Bring your ice cleats!