January 11th, 2014

Overnight Friday more Walleyes were caught in the shallower spots, not many and most out of the slot.  Saturday action was mostly  small Perch for most.  Some fishermen kept 8-9 ” Perch out of desperation. But the highlight again was big Northern Pike.  Have four reports of  “line breakers” lost under the hole and 2 anglers had hooks straightened.  Our “Jack of Clubs”  caught a 43″ Northern.  And numerous Pike in the 30″ range were reported. Fishermen planning one coming up should  have gear for Northern with them.

Finished the road to the Tundra, but had to change the normal route due to poor ice conditions and flooding under the snow. More areas are showing up “wet”  with the warmer weather and now because of the milder temps which we all enjoy it’s going to take more time to freeze those spots. Still alot of areas covered with snow and not flooded and frozen are only 11″-12″ thick. Places not completely froze you can drop thru the crust into slush. Our areas we are allowing traffic have 18 plus inches on the roads and the fishing areas have already flooded and froze. But caution is still important!

Keep a Tight Line!