January 11th,2015

This weekend was a mixed bag of reports from lots of 10-12 inch Walleyes or 22-30″ Walleyes caught and released. And some that had only small Perch to some that had 11 to 14 inch Perch, (although few) and some in the Tullibee Hole caught 15-18 inch Tullibee.  Today there were 3 Northern Pike caught between 36 and 39 inches around Spider. Some of the rentals caught “keeper” (18-20 inch slot) Walleyes.  But far and few between.  The Gravel Bars were active, but only at night, and most I heard caught 10-12 inch Walleyes.  And they were hitting hard.  Either they have no food supply or there are a lot of them out there. It seems that all the small Perch are in closer. and the smaller Walleyes there are eating as they aren’t “biting” as much even though fishermen are see lots of them. (Also “bigger Walleyes” were caught in 14-20 feet).  Fishermen out in the Gravel were telling me they pulled up lines so they didn’t kill them as they were swallowing jigs with trebles and set lines with minnows. it was nice to hear that because if left alone they will be keep-able someday.  i really wish fishermen would turn to “circle hooks”. Now would be the time.

Today the ice really rumbled about lunchtime. For us it didn’t seem to affect our areas we go to, but fishermen came in saying water jumped out of the holes and houses shook.  So somewhere it moved big time. That what happens when there is no snow covering the ice. Temps and sunlight can change things, and it will be nice when we get some snow cover. It will settle down.

Had some spear-fishermen out this weekend and one told Cindy yesterday he was so embarrassed  by how some of them that came to Mille Lacs this year left the ice from the holes they made on the ice and did not put them back in the hole they made and mark it.  He spent a whole day in Wahkon Bay breaking up ice chunks and marking before he came over to our place to spear. I applaud and appreciate his efforts.  That is the way they all should be.  That is the type of guy this lake needs and he is welcome back anytime. Maybe everyone should make sure they clean up when they leave this lake no matter how they fish.  Just like I have for 40 plus years…

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy