January 11th,2016

Yesterday we had our coldest morning of the winter and this morning has beat that by a couple degrees.  Right now it’s -16 degrees.  That should be making some ice.  As anglers left yesterday the main reports were Perch with some decent keepers coming from a couple rentals.  One had 20 averaging about 12″ inches.  Most Walleyes caught were under the harvest slot, but a couple in the 18″-20″ range were kept.

Today we are going to check ice depths and decide our next steps.   We should be letting small vehicles, (small cars, mini SUV’s) out in the next day and maybe 1/2 rated pickups by midweek in some areas.  It depends on the what we find today.  We will be starting to pull more houses Wednesday for the weekend is the plan.

Keep a Tight Line!