January 12th, 2015

Today we moved more houses out of the drifts and to new spots. Tomorrow we will continue with that. Sounds like we are going to get some warmer weather thru next weekend which will be nice and maybe change the fishing to the good.  The last ten days with the high barometer there have been a lot of mixed fishing reports and some consistent weather will be a help I’m sure.

Today’s fishermen that were out went deep for the most part and those with cameras seen them, but it was a tough bite for most out there. Some nice Perch came out of the Tullibee Hole and the deeper rocks had a lot of small Walleye action, but overall i would say it was a quiet day.

We are looking forward to a good weekend with nice weather so everyone can get out and enjoy a weekend on the ice!   Don’t forget, the Lybacks/TWP Tournament is February 21st! Call the office and check in your tickets from last year or sign up for this year’s.  100% payback, $50.00 entry fee/per person and everyone will get there entry fee back in prizes based on retail whether you place or not!  It’s a good opportunity for all to share fishing experiences and learn from some of the ones that started it all. It is a family event and all are encouraged to bring the kids. The goal of the TWP when it started years ago.
Keep a Tight Line!           Eddy