January 12th, 2017

The wind picked up Thursday morning and by noon it was drifting a lot. By late evening it was already -15 below.  The snow I was hoping would stick to the ice was eroded by the wind and now we a lot of bare ice again.  Which means when this warm weather comes the main lake ice will expand again so the crack/pressure ridge be doing some changing.  I’m going to let it warm up, do it’s thing then get across it next week.

The Walleye bite has still been good in the deeper water and shallow. Contrary to the hype that everything has to be deep and in the mud, it’s not.   I have houses ranging from 15ft to 28ft on all different types of bottom change and structure. and they have all been doing pretty well.

The ice depth  is ranging from 17-21 inches, so we will be allowing tandem wheelhouses, and up to 1 ton rated trucks out.  I’m establishing roads over towards the “bowl” and North Twin areas Friday afternoon. after getting everyone else ready for the weekend,

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy