January 12th, 2016

Yesterday we measured ice depths after 2 sub-zero days and it going down now.  Ice depths were 11″-13″.  With an average of almost 12″ so it is getting close. Today I will be establishing more roads to more areas and tomorrow start pulling some houses. Privates on “the list” that want to come up this weekend should call today as I do not want to pull a house that will not be used over the weekend.  We will not be going to all the usual spots we would be at normally this time of year, but we will be out.  There is still areas of rough ice and ridges we have to get across farther out and we will be working on them, but not crossing.

Fishing yesterday was mainly Perch activity with a couple groups catching some decent sized “keepers”  (10-12″) Walleyes caught were under the harvest slot of 18″-20″, (13″-17″)