January 12th,2014

The weather this weekend made it nice to be out there.  We had a lot of fishermen come up and enjoy it.  Fishing was pretty tough, but they made the most of it. Big Northern Pike were still the highlight for action.  Lots of small Perch almost everywhere and some Walleyes were caught, mostly during the overnight periods.

I established roads to the Tundra and the first set of gravel bars we go to over the weekend.  I have one area of slush to freeze up just north of the Banana Reef that is a problem. But  should have that packed and frozen in a couple days.  I’m hoping by next weekend to be getting some houses out those areas.  It will depend on the temps and how well the roads do.

Heard some good news from the DNR  roundtable on Friday.  Our Fisheries Chief said that there are going to be some big changes coming for Mille Lacs as far as regulations.  About time I would say…  However they “sidestepped” again when it came to addressing the netting and spearing while the Walleyes are spawning.  They say there is “sufficient” spawning females, etc….  Just imagine if they were left alone when spawning. There would be “more than sufficient” amounts which would help the lake recover even quicker.  It doesn’t take a biologist to figure that out……  If they are really going to fix this lake the DNR and the Chippewa Bands both have to change what they have been doing.  Not just the DNR…  I’m not saying they shouldn’t take their fish, just don’t take them during the spawn!  It about time this issue gets addressed and only public pressure and your voicing your opinion to your MN DNR and the Bands will get any results.

Keep a Tight Line!