January 13th, 2013

Yesterday’s fishing was mostly Perch action.  The rentals did well with 10″ Perch and under slot Walleyes.

We started letting 1/2 ton rated or smaller vehicles on the ice to Popes, Gull and SW of Spider as ice depths are increasing. Today we will be rechecking depths and determining what other areas we might be going to.  As far as wheelhouses – This weekend we will let only single axle wheelhouses with 1/2ton rated trucks on the ice. (No 3/4 ton or larger, No tandem axle houses).  With the recent cold and now predicted warm up to the 30’s and back to the cold again Saturday there will be too many cracks because of temperature changes and I am not going to have that weight traveling the roads out of our place. Because of the weather forecast everyone coming, (rental, private, portable customers) bring the lightest vehicle possible. 12″-15″ of ice sounds good on paper, but when it is very cold, then warm, then very cold, cracks form from expansion and contraction because of the extreme temperature changes.  When that happens you might as well call it 6″ thick…think about it…

I’m not very happy with some of our private customers not reading their letter that is sent to them every fall and calling our office and giving Cindy a hard time.  Especially when I have repeatedly asked in my fishing reports (and in every letter sent each fall) for you to come up maintain your house, check it out before it goes on the ice and get it ready.  (Which means putting proper ID on it and a license as stated in the letter. Regardless of State laws, it is the way WE do it…)  Some of you have and I Thank You for that! Others haven’t even seen their house since they were in it last winter and don’t even know if the heater works. This is going to change starting now….

We will be getting rentals out today so they can get set-up for the weekend and start with privates tomorrow.  We are only going to pull a house if we know you are coming up.
We have a pretty good list already so you might not get it out there for the weekend.  Call and check with the office. Otherwise it is staying on shore until you do. There is no sense putting a house on thinner ice to trap snow.  Tomorrow am I will give a new set of ice depths.

Keep a Tight Line!