January 13th, 2015

Today we had three rentals that came for the day and overnight until tomorrow.  Two rentals left this am and they got Walleyes overnight but nothing to keep. only a few portable fishermen today and most went for perch in the Tullibee Hole and got some nice ones, but not many. One wheelhouse customer checked out the NW Graveyard and found it loaded with Perch but I’m waiting to find out how they did.

With 22 below zero this  this morning the ice cracked along our ramps and a couple other places. but with the warmer winds it pushed shut by evening and I’m thinking more might happen out there the next day or so and I’m hoping it won’t develop into pressure ridges. (ice heaves).  But with the extreme changes in temperatures with basically no snow cover who knows what will happen.  I’m thinking we’ll be ok..

Keep a Tight Line!!      Eddy