January 13th, 2018

Starting Friday afternoon and into this morning the barometer went up as high as I’ve seen it this winter so far. Fishing reports were pretty slow bite for most overnight and this morning. By this afternoon it started to drop a little and this evening I heard of quite a few anglers C/R Walleye even though the bite was light. I’m hoping this evening and going into tomorrow with the snow coming in the afternoon it will pick up before fishermen head home.

All our roads are in good shape, though this morning with the overnight temps dipping to -24 there was some cracks in some areas.  The south road bank going to the “Tundra” broke and dropped almost 2 feet and flooded along it.  But by morning it should be froze pretty good, but I not good enough to attempt to cross over it. We got most of the roads completely cleared off in readiness for the next round of snow and wind Monday. (Winds expected NW 15-25 mph) So there will be considerable drifting even with only a couple inches of snow.

I’m going to be in the office tomorrow as fishermen check out so I will update tomorrow night with a better idea of how the weekend went.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy