January 13th,2014

Yesterday I spent time plowing more roads to areas we go to.   We are finally getting to our deeper reefs, and gravel bars.  We will be cleaning up roads from the snow tomorrow and the rest of the week will be pulling the last of the houses out and moving ones that were in close early.  will be some busy days ahead.

Starting Wednesday we will be letting non-seasonal wheelhouses out on a daily basis.  Some areas you will need a spot plowed, as we will insist that they are at least 75 feet off the road to prevent any possible flooding on the road. Speeds on the ice will HAVE to be under 8 miles and hour when pulling on the roads to keep them safe.  A lot of you new wheelhouse owners do not understand the weight you are moving over the ice and the damage it can cause to the roads and it wouldn’t hurt if you listen to someone that has been on the ice and dealt with wheel houses for 40 years.  (Yes, there were wheelhouses long before “Ice Castles” and most were way ahead of their time that came out of our place)     Access fees will be $10.00/day per rig.  If staying the weekend, you will be charged $40.00 up front and refunded accordingly when we see your house leaving Sunday.  If it is left out there it will be $40.00/week for access fee and road maintenance pd in advance when you leave each weekend.

No fishing report except for renters checked on during the day.  Still lots of small Perch and one house caught and released  a 33″  Pike.

Keep a Tight Line!