January 14th, 2017

Friday night lots of fishermen in 14-21 feet of water did very well with the Walleyes and by about 10;00 am Saturday it slowed for most everyone.  Our barometer in the office was about as high as I’ve seen it in a long time or it has finally broke   🙂    Anyways thru the day the bite was slow.  But as of the time we closed our office the word was that after dark they started biting again.

For our customers that get some good fish pictures with their smart phone, call the office and they will give you my cell # and you can send them to me.  I am building a photo album of the year and every week out 4-6 pics on the Lybacks Ice Fishing Facebook page.  With these smart phones it is so much easier to share pictures than the digital camera days. ( Almost as good as the old Polaroid Days I grew up in!)

The warming temps are getting people out there and enjoying their time on the ice.   But with the lack of snow cover and warming temps the ice is going to expand and pressure ridges are going to move, so the next couple days will be interesting. In fact the next weeks temps are going to change the landscape out there if it gets as warm as they predict.   This week we will be moving houses that have been out for a couple weeks that have a lot snow around them from drifting.  It will be easier to do that than deal with the blocking and water around the houses.  We’ll see what the weather brings.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy