January 14th,2016

Yesterday fishing was average I would say for the year so far.  Perch activity with some 10′ plus caught among the anglers and the Walleye bite was late afternoon early evening.

We pulled more rentals to get ready for the weekend and today we will be pulling the privates on the list that have called and said they would like to come up for the weekend.

Ice depths are averaging 12″-13″.  Some areas in the rougher ice is 13″-16″.  It is getting better.  This weekend with the big swing in temperatures  warm to very cold we are going to be seeing alot of cracks. For that reason we will be encouraging anyone coming to bring the lightest vehicle they have and will not let anyone out of our place with anything bigger than a 1/2 rated truck,  Single axle wheelhouses and light trucks can go but will need to stay in the rougher ice areas.  ATVs and single axle wheelhouses would be better.

Just a heads up for those interested.  The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is scheduled for Feb 27th, 2016.  It will be limited 150 entries and cost is $50.00 a ticket.  Stop in at office to sign up as all entry fees are used to purchase prizes. 100% payback and there will be some good prizes and everyone will get something .  More info coming after the weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!