January 15th, 2013 7:00p.m.

Today fishing was pretty quiet again for most, but some fishermen did ok.  Finally started seeing some nicer Perch in a few spots.  With the front moving thru tonight I  think those overnight will do pretty good.  We are moving rentals to for the cold weather coming and obvious high pressure that will come with it, and redoing the banking on those that are going to stay in good spots.    Last weekends wet weather pretty much turned the banking on the houses to ice and it doesn’t insulate well and with the cold coming next week I want fresh snow that does something.  We’ll be set by the weekend for sure.  I’m still holding back on crossing the pressure ridge. It’s looking good, but not good enough bridge it and allow alot of traffic across yet. The next couple days as it warms up by Friday with the lack of snow cover it could push again before it turns cold.  10 years ago I would have said go, but with all the wheelhouses these days and traffic it would get we have to be more cautious now.  Sorry but that is the way it is.

Keep a tight line!!    Eddy