January 15th, 2015

Today was a pretty quiet out there from most reports. Not much for Perch in the “keepable” range and most Walleyes caught were small with reports of a few 21 to 25″ C/R.  No reports of Northern Pike caught.

After lunch the ice rumbled and to the west of us reports were it pushed quite a bit. The closest it got to us was off of Otto’s Point and across the mouth of Wahkon Bay, then it faded away.  The lake ice seems like it is “pivoting” from east to west with the center of the pivot in the SE corner. There is not many years I’ve seen it do that but this is one of them.  Usually it means it will be pretty good going for us this year. But the year is not over yet.  🙂

Weather sounds pretty good this weekend with fairly low barometer so I’m hoping the bite will be pretty good.   We’ll see how that goes…….

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy