January 15th, 2016

Yesterday fishing was average as it goes this season with Perch during the day and Walleye activity in the early am and late afternoon.  Perch you had to pick thru to get the 10″ plus size and most Walleyes were 13″-17″.  A 40″ Northern Pike was C/R on Gull Reef. and from some anglers reports said some areas seems like there was nothing down there for quite awhile which is usually a sign that Northern are around.

We got more houses out for those that are coming to challenge the wind and cold this weekend.  We definitely need the cold weather to improve ice conditions as for this time of year we are way behind in ice depths from normal and the later it goes with the thinner ice the more the chance for a big snowstorm that could cause lots of problems out there.  I always like to see 20″ or more out there before we get a lot of snow as it lessens the “flooding” and slush problems.

Ice depths range from 13″-16″.  The rougher ice closer to shore is thicker. Because of the extreme temperature changes the ice will be going thru, from warm to very cold there is going to be a lot of cracks out there.  For that reason vehicles we will only let out of our access 1/2 ton rated pickups or smaller vehicles.  Single axle wheelhouses with small trucks can go but will need to stay in the rougher ice areas.  NO 3/4 tons or 1/2 ton crew cabs. I encourage everyone coming up to bring the lightest vehicle they have just to be on the safe side.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on for Feb 27th.  Entry fee is $50.00/person.  All entry fees will be purchasing prizes.  You must sign up and pay entry fee at the office before you get on the list.  Limited to 150 contestants.

Keep a Tight Line!