January 15th, 2017

Today as fishermen left I heard how the weekend went for most and all in all it was a pretty good one. There was a 18 to 24 hour period on Saturday where it was pretty slow for most, but Saturday night and early Sunday morning the bite was good for some.  Walleye activity was good in the shallows at night with a lot of really nice picture Walleyes caught and released. And the deeper 25ft plus water some had fairly good action although some did not.  Perch were the best in the 14′-20′ basin areas, but with the barometer so high most of the Perch action was small.  Fishermen with camera’s were seeing the Jumbos, but could not get them to bite.

As always some did not have many luck and one wheelhouse in particular was a good example of a poor fisherman. He showed up late Saturday afternoon and left mid morning today with one small Perch.  His way of showing his frustration was to complain about the access fee. (We charge $10.00 per calendar day…. not every 24 hrs like he wanted,  He was aware of it when he went out as he was given our information sheet that we give to every wheelhouse owner when they go thru our access.)  Because he couldn’t catch any fish it was easier for him to make it our fault that we charged too much and make a scene in the office in front of fishermen, (that had obviously did better than him), and to my wife who was at the desk.  After he left the others there were wondering what was going on with him….There always seems to be a jerk on the wrong end of the line sometimes….    🙂

The warmer weather made the fishing slow today and I’m hoping the warm-up won’t be too warm this week.  It would be nice to keep what snow we have.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy