January 15th, 2018

Yesterday as fishermen left before the Viking’s game, most reports were the same.  Very slow Friday afternoon, overnight into Saturday.  Late Saturday a few started to have action and it picked up overnight into Sunday morning as the barometer was dropping as the snow was coming.  Best time was from daylight Sunday until about 10:00 am. One customer reported 22 bite and 14 Walleye in two hours of fishing. Numerous big individual Walleyes were C/R , a 41″ Northern, and many more in the 25″ to 27″ inch.  Walleyes were  C/R in many lengths under the slot over the weekend showing that there is multiple years classes coming up besides the 2013’s.  All good news.  Still most of the trophy’s  came from 14-20′ of water.

Yesterday late afternoon we received about 2-3″ of snow and overnight the NW wind started.  Not blowing too hard yest but it is supposed to pick up to 25 mph plus, so we will be plowing tomorrow….This week I’m going to start moving some more rentals to different areas.

With all the plowing of roads last week the weight of the snow on the banks, (we push to the south and the east on our roads) they cracked and sank, despite the warnings at the office some fishermen still thought they knew more than we do and attempted to cross them and dropped thru the upper layer on the sunken bank.  More should listen to what we say in the office when they go out.  Starting this week there will be no more N/C pullouts like there was this weekend.  And a heads up for those that park their vehicle in the ATV/Portable lot along the driveway and ride out with someone else.  You still have to pay the vehicle access/parking fee that is stated on the sign in the lot that you park in.  If you don’t register it and pay at the office in the future, we will have it towed.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy