January 16th, 2017

Monday’s fishermen said when leaving that overall it was a slow day for the bite.  Fish were on the cameras, but did not want to cooperate. The best reports were from the light change period when the sun was going down.  And most of it in shallow water, 12-18 feet.

With the warmer temps the ice is expanding and the pressure ridge piled pretty good yesterday.  With temps like we are having it will finally get to a point where it will stop and then I will find a place to cross.

It is nice to see fishermen enjoying their time out there.  Most all when they see their caches and the sizes of the Walleyes, they are hopeful for a better future on Mille Lacs.  Everyone knows what the cause of decline was and the evidence of it is building every day.

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy