January 17th, 2013 7:00 p.m.

Sorry about missing a day but I moved our computer and had to get another line in.   Fishing was slow except for the evening hours for those out there.  Same story, big Walleyes at night.  Daytime bite was slow.  Today however  from 3:00p.m. on some fishermen did well in  in 18-20 feet off the edge of the Banana.  Some reports of Perch caught of decent size also, but no big numbers.

We are going to stay on this side of the pressure ridge until after the weekend.  With the weather forecasted, some light snow tomorrow and Saturday’s NW winds coming with the cold weather also we are going to stay put.  We have no restrictions of what goes out of our access, no bridges and plenty of good areas to fish.  It will be interesting to see how fishermen fair in the first really cold snap we’ve had in awhile.

Keep a Tight Line!!!   Eddy