January 17th, 2015

Today fishing was good for some and slow for others. After making the afternoon rounds of the rentals, most Walleyes caught were small with a few 22-26″, but no “keepers” reported.  Seemed the the best depth for the most activity was 16-24 feet. Fishermen deeper were seeing Walleyes but they weren’t biting.  Perch action was slow with mostly little ones. But in the mud next to the Banana one wheelhouse stopping off reported some nice sized Perch caught.  A 45″ Northern Pike was caught in a permanent house, near Spider, and one rental on the SW side of the Graveyard had a large Northern break their line in a tangle up with their camera.

The barometer was low most of the day and this afternoon the wind switched to the NW and blew pretty good for awhile. Around dusk it let up and looks like a nice Sunday-Monday on tap.  Either way it will be good weather to be on the ice!

Keep A Tight Line!     Eddy