January 17th, 2016

Yesterday despite the cold and high barometer the fishing was pretty good.  Most rentals had good fishing overnite and thru the day with Perch and Walleyes.  Most Perch were smaller and had to be picked thru, but “keepers” were there also.  Walleyes were mostly 13″-17″ and some reports of 24″-26″ Walleyes C/R were reported also.

The main topic was the wind and the cold.  This am as I type it is -20.  Along with good banking and insulated hole liners in the rentals really were doing their job.  We really needed this cold weather to firm up the ice depths so we can get out there.  Yesterday I made it to the Banana Reef with a road and will be working on more today after checking the ice.  There are going to be some areas this year we are just not going to go due to the extreme rough ice.  Some area have 4″-5″ inch sheets pile on top of on another for 50-100 yards and we are just not going to deal with it.  But we have made a couple good areas to get thru to get out there.

Sounds like the cold is going to let up midweek and actually go way the other way for the weekend.  The big warm-up will do some interesting things with the ice, but hopefully it will be farther out on the main lake than we are going.

Keep a Tight Line!!