January 17th,2017

Today I moved 15 rentals to new spots, some to just get out of the snowdrifts and some to different areas.  With the warmer weather and possibility of a little rain I just didn’t want houses with the added weight of snowdrifts around them.  Water around houses takes all the fun out of it sometimes.

The bite was slower for the Walleyes today for most, but some pretty good overnight catches were report and a few found some decent Perch.  There was not many out there either so that always changes the reports I hear.

If everything works out, tomorrow afternoon our bridge will be going across the pressure ridge. The last two days it has really been pushing and I will have to look for a good spot for it.  I’m not promising anything until i see it across it myself. I will let you know how it turned out tomorrow evening.

I think I might have found a fishing rod/reel combo that a person posted lost this past weekend on Facebook that was out of here.  It was and old one and i could tell who ever it was they had had it for a long time.  If he reads this or my comment on Facebook…..I have it..

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy