January 18th, 2014

Fishing so far this weekend show is showing once again the condition the lake is in to frustrated anglers.  Baitfish are moving off the reefs to deeper areas and fishermen in shallow were talking about it yesterday. The deeper houses are doing better now. I’m not saying the shallow is done for the year, but things are changing out there.

Ice conditions out farther is only about 14 inches with a 6 inches plus in of hard snow in spots,  Where it cracks, it floods and slushes.   Areas where it has already flooded and froze the ice is 18″ plus, and hardly any snow.  Everywhere we put a house we need to clear a large area to prevent flooding issues and we are taking extra time to establish roads so it’s a slow process.  i hope the possibility of better fishing will make it worth it.  We can only try….

Keep a Tight Line!!