January 18th, 2015

I sat in the office  Sunday until noon checking fishermen out when they left.  After hearing most of their reports, overall it was a pretty good weekend.  General consensus was Friday night the bite was good for most, but the fish were just “mouthing it” and not many caught them.  Saturday the shallower water was active, but deeper lots of Walleyes were seen, but not interested. Saturday afternoon and evening the bite died for awhile when the wind kicked in, but started again after the wind died overnight.  Heard of ten or so Walleyes actually caught in the slot.  Numerous Large Walleyes, especially in the 26″-28″ inch range.  And some “Big”  Pike.  One group had a 40″ Northern, 29″ Walleye, 27″ Walleye, and even some 10″ Perch in 14 ft of water.  A 45″ Northern was caught in 13 ft., A 41″ Northern caught in 12 ft. and the Graveyard had numerous Pike caught also. One rental had a huge one on and it caught caught up in their camera and they lost it.   And yes there were some that didn’t fair as well, but I’ve never seen everyone do good yet.

The weather was nice, the ice stayed still so it was a good one I would say.  Looks like this weather pattern is going to stay for awhile and it should keep the fishing on a even keel also.  It would be nice to get some more snow out there though. It would help quiet things down with the ice and would slow fishermen down from running all over the place.  Especially at night.  Saturday night after 10:00pm. it was crazy with people driving around. For those trying to enjoy a quiet evening of fishing in some areas, that did not work to well.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy