January 18th, 2016

Saturday evening and Sunday the fishing really quieted down with the cold and high pressure. Reports from rentals, privates and others confirmed it, but later in the day the rentals on Popes had some pretty good action.  Overall those that were out there Friday and Saturday said that is when if was the better fishing.

The ice depths are improving with this cold.  Yesterday I established roads to the Banana and the Tundra. the ice out there averaged between 14″-16″ inches.  In closer in the rougher ice ice depths are approaching 16″-18″.  So it is getting better.  There is a lot of very rough ice in spots with layers of 4-5 inch thick plates on top of another or piled farther out.  Some places we are just not going to go to because of it.  Some of the NW side of the Graveyard, south of the Tundra, and south of the Bowl has ice like that.  It would be too hard to maintain a road thru those areas, let alone set houses in them.  Today I’m going to get the road to the Tullibee Hole done and head to the East Bar if ice conditions permit,

Private owners that plan on coming up this coming weekend that are on shore need to call us so we can get it out.  i will not be pulling  your house if you are not coming up. I have chosen to leave them on shore unless used because of the still “thinner ice” for this time of year and if the chance that a big snowstorm comes it will be one less to deal with out on the ice.  We will gladly get it out if you are coming.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament of scheduled for Feb 27th. Entry fee is $50.00 and to sign up entry fee must be paid in advance as all monies are going to prizes.  it will be limited to 150 contestants.

Keep a Tight Line!