January 18th, 2017

Today the fishermen reported that the bite was good overnight but by mid morning most of it was over.  Some of the fishermen that went out to some of the deeper spots caught a few and the ones they caught were way over the slot, but they had fun.  Surprisingly the Perch caught were in the shallower water, few but nice sized. The Perch seen on cameras in the deep were   nice sized ones, but would not bite.  For us the best fishing is the night bite by far.

The warm sunny day really made the pressure ridge push today as it did all around the lake from what reports I heard this evening. My friend Bob Carlson on the north end said it moved 10 feet up there. Down here I think it pushed about 6 feet.  That is alot of expansion of ice over 20 miles… We found a very good spot to cross with our bridge, but I am very hesitant to  put it out until I see a change in the weather that is forecasted.  So far it is predicted that we are going to have about 4- 6 days of warm weather with chances of rain/sleet/maybe snow before it changes.  To all rental customers and permanent customers… there is no problem to getting to and from your houses as we are on the inside of the ridge I an talking about, and all is good there.

As much as I would like to get across it and out there,  With the weather staying warm and maybe rain,etc it is not worth taking the chance. We are crossing this ridge in 30 feet of water when we do,  I will not take the chance of putting alot of traffic over it until I see freezing temps in the forecast which will be middle of next week..

If this was 20 years ago and there wasn’t so many fishermen, trucks and wheelhouses I would have been across it a week ago and life would be good.  But these days, once you go everyone wants to…  But I am going to do it as safely as I can so you will have to wait.  It is what it is….

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy