January 18th,2018

Mixed reports on the bite yesterday.  16 to 20′ seemed to be the best reports for in the slot Walleye. Some of the deeper gravel had action overnite.  This year there is quite a variation of sizes being caught.  Anywhere from 6-7″, 10-12″ , 16-19″ and on up to 29″.  That is a good sign for the future. This year also there just doesn’t seem to be any numbers of 10″ plus Perch. When anglers do catch them they are only a few and most are 12″ or better. Hopefully with a better balance of Walleye size the Perch will rebound and instead of becoming a bait fish like they have been lately, they will grow to a catchable size for the angler.

We are concentrating on getting the snow drifts away from the permanent houses as the warmer weather coming will make the snow heavy and flooding around the houses could occur.  And with more snow in the forecast after the weekend we might start moving some of the houses just to get them out into more open areas.

We have all of the ice roads open, (see map) and there is alot of areas accessible for wheelhouses in the gravel bars that are easy to get to off the roads and with the weather change I’m hoping the bite will be pretty good. Time will tell…

Don’t forget to sign up for the Tournament on Feb 24th!  Sign up in the office when you are up here..

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy