January 19th, 2013 8:30p.m.

Today was a day for those that were out there will remember for some time.   It started out nice, fishing was pretty good overnight for some but after noon the world changed.  We had NW winds gusting to 50-60 mph for most of the afternoon. It’s the first time I can honestly say I seen wheelhouses  sliding sideways with trucks pulling them.  Some guys couldn’t even get there rigs turned around.   Fishing dropped off, but most were just waiting and watching the weather.   It was a good thing we didn’t have 6 inches of snow or nobody would have been able to do anything but sit and wait.  Towards evening the winds have dropped to the 20’s-30’s and by morning it should subside.  Most of the lake is pretty much blown clear except for where people were driving the roads and driving through small drifts which the wind made bigger.   You were actually better off staying away from the roads and driving to the side of them.   With the high pressure moving in it probably will be a tough bite for most, but the deeper spots should be ok.  Sometimes in years past I seen the shallower areas start to produce Perch with weather like this.  We’ll have to wait and see.

This day will go in my book for sure…..

Keep a tight Line!    Eddy