January 19th, 2014

Fishing was pretty quiet this weekend.  Still the same story of lots of small Perch, some decent Walleyes at night. and some 38 to 40 plus Northerns caught.  More sited on cameras too.  Still tough to keep a Walleye in the slot or 10″ plus Perch. Some interesting reports came in about Eelpout…almost every house caught at least one.  That is the most I heard of in years.  Most were smaller, but just to see that makes me wonder whats up down there..

Last night about 2-3 am the SW wind kicked up and drifted some warm snow and this morning some driveways were drifted but most were passable.  The warm-up brought more flooding in areas and house with heavy drifts close by  flooded some also, but manageable.

On an interesting note, Today we had the Mille Lacs County  Search and Rescue out to “practice ”  ice diving and test equipment.  Plus test drive their new “Iced Angel” I’ll call it. It is a 20ft plus thick hulled aluminum high sided “jon boat”.  Including poly on the bottom and sides. and a 502 CI engine with prop.  What a machine!!  It is going to make their job so much safer when they have to encounter thin ice situations…..Just don’t stand in back of it when it takes off!!

The funny part was when they all were going by our office and driving out on the ice with all their equipment, ice ambulance, track machine, air boat and trailer, divers vehicles, etc… Our phone started ringing off the hook with fishermen on the ice wondering what was happening and who went down!!  (Worried of course….),  but when finding out it was just practice made them feel better.  Next time I will let all my customers on the lake know in advance!  (including my daughter that lives on the corner of the County road leading to our driveway!  Sorry honey,  didn’t mean to scare you!).

Keep a Tight Line!!