January 19th, 2016

Fishing was tough yesterday for the very few that were out.  Weather was cold, barometer high.  Those out there didn’t do much moving around looking.

Today we are starting to get things ready for the coming weekend. We will be pulling privates that called the office and said they were coming up, and pulling the rest of the rentals over the next two days as we are almost full for the weekend.  I’m anticipating a busy weekend on the ice with the warmer temps and better ice conditions.  Seems strange to say but it will be our first really busy one.  (Almost one month late……)

Ice depths are increasing and today will be the last of the sub-zero cold sow we will check ice depths and post them tomorrow so you wheelhouse people will know what we will be letting out of our access for the weekend.  Right now it is 1/2 pickups with single axle wheelhouses, 3/4 ton trucks by themselves. and all smaller vehicles.  I’m sure that will change to tandem axle houses and larger trucks in some areas closer to shore in the rougher ice, but we will post it for sure tomorrow after checking ice depths.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th.  It is $50.00/person and sign-up at office when entry is pd.  It is limited to 150 entries and we are almost 1/3 of the way there. It will be 100% payback so everyone will get something.

Keep a Tight Line!