January 19th, 2017

Today with the warmer weather things started melting a little out there. the weather forecast was for clouds, which would have helped a little, but it stayed sunny all day. At dusk the red sunset was just awesome.

Those that went out for the day did a lot of hole hopping and fishing outside and most didn’t have much to report.  Those that stayed overnight last night did well in both shallow and deep water. It seems to be more of a night bite for Walleyes in all depths where we are going at least.

The pressure ridge 2 miles out pushed again this morning and changed some of my plans.  But all areas we are at with houses and rentals is good with no problems and there is plenty of good places to fish without crossing it.  Average ice depth is 20-22 inches.  So it will still be a good weekend to get out there and enjoy it.

Sounds like the weather is to remain warm until mid week, and I’m going to wait to see the weather turn colder before we get across the ridge. It’s just the safe thing to do, and besides have a good night bite going where we are, as well as some pretty good Perch fishing in the shallows during the day. Just a reminder to all the wheelhouse fishermen.  If you are planning on coming  out of here, get here and out on the lake before dark tomorrow.  I do not want “wanderers” that haven’t been here before and can’t see where they are going after dark.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy