January 1st, 2013

Fishing was good last night and today in the “Bowl”.   Good Perch action and walleyes mixed in between.  Some of the other spots that were good have slowed somewhat.  Best Walleye action is at dusk hours and through the night.  Most Walleyes caught are too big to keep.  Last night it hit almost 15 below,  our coldest night so far.  This morning when checking roads everything in the first 2 miles was fine, but out in the gravel a 2-3 foot crack cut through some of the areas we go to stranding some wheelhouses temporarily.  Fortunately they had ATV’s instead of vehicles and everything worked out ok.  Needless to say we closed the road to travel out in the gravel bars.   But the ice in all the other areas we go to was in good shape and the average depth is 14-15 inches.   Excluding the top inch and 1/2 we have approximately 13 good inches of ice.  We are limiting vehicles to 1/2 or smaller and starting tomorrow and will let wheelhouses with 1/2 ton or small trucks go out.  There will be no travel to the gravel bars,except by ATV or snowmobile due the the cracks out there.   Everywhere else we go is good to go.  We are getting all the privately owned houses out for those that want them and should be ready for the weekend by Friday.  We still have a few rentals open for this weekend.  If you would like one, give us a call.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!!  Now let’s go fishing!!