January 1st, 2014 evening

The cold is starting to get to the ice.  Finally…  Some of the slushed out areas are starting to freeze, but the ice ice cracking and creating more in new spots.  I took a snowmobile out today towards the gravel bars we go to and there are some really wet ones out there yet.  it’s going to be awhile before we get there, but the good part will be there will be less snow when it does freeze up.

I’ve been managing to get out about five houses a day, but that is about it.  Finding good spots to put houses in the limited areas we are in takes time and clearing five more sports for the next day consumes a lot of it.

Wheelhouse people have been calling since they heard we have roads and here is the answer to all your questions.  Starting this weekend we will be allowing paid regular full season customers only out with theirs provided it is pulled with a 1/2 ton truck,   Even though we have good ice on the roads alot of areas off the roads still only have 11 inches of ice.  And no one is parking on the roads except portable people’s vehicles and they are walking off the roads 75 feet to fish.  For our full season wheelhouse customers I will clear a spot for them if they can’t find a flooded and frozen area to get on.  In other words, if you don’t sign up for the season, your not going out.  With all the effort it is taking to get things done right out there,  I’m not going to have fishermen that don’t know what is going on screw it up like the horror stories I’ve been hearing about at Red Lake.

Fishing today was quiet with the high barometer, but some Walleyes were reported overnight last night.  Seems like  24-26 inch Walleyes are popular this year…..

Keep a tight Line!!