January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year!   Another one in the books so to speak and I hoping 2015 will be a better year for those of us at Mille Lacs.

The cold is helping the ice out some, but we still need more so the smooth clear ice that is farther out can get thicker.  Right now it’s about 16″ and I’m not going to let trucks and wheelhouses travel on it out of my place.  Sorry guys, but a 7000lb truck with a 5000lb wheelhouse attached is 12,000lbs. and 16 inches of very brittle ice that does not bend, but shatters is a very dangerous scenario.  Especially when the majority of wheelhouse owners can’t drive slow. What starts out as 5-8 mph turns to 25 when they leave shore. We have thicker ice closer and that is where they will be fishing until we get 20″ out there.

Fishing was fair yesterday with lots of Perch action and overnight Walleyes. Most too big. But alot of fun for those that caught them.

Update:  7:25 pm. This evening when most came in and when we checked rentals the most action was Perch during the day. Rentals on the North side of Spider did well with Walleyes. The deeper reefs in 26-30 feet seen Walleye action overnight and early am, but I didn’t hear reports of this evening out there.  The ice is stable and will be thru Saturday evening, but with the Cold coming Sunday and Monday I’m sure it will start “popping” again.  but by the time this next cold spell is over midweek or ice worries should be over.  if we can get 20″ out in the clear ice, we should be in pretty good shape.

Keep a Tight Line!