January 1st, 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

Yesterday a few fishermen went out but most didn’t have too much action.  We had one rental in 15 ft that did well with keep-able Perch up to 10-11.5″ and small Walleyes but that was about the best report.

We pulled a couple more small rentals and keep “grinding” the roads in the rougher areas closer to shore in anticipation of a lot of portable traffic this weekend.  As stated before in earlier posts it will be ATV/Snowmobile/Portables only this weekend.  Private owners are welcome to come up and “camp” in their houses on shore, (privates houses that are 8′ by 12′ or smaller I will pull with the Jeep if they have an ATV to get out to them)  Large,(heavy) “wheelhouse” customers can “camp” in our large parking area along our entrance. No wheelhouses will be allowed out of here on the ice with ATV’s over 1500lbs. Everyone must check-in at the office before going on the ice and get a map of the areas out there that are “off-limits” due to unstable and extremely thin ice in spots.  The areas where we are going are 8″ thick and consistent.

There weather is going to cooperate well this weekend for the portable fisherpeople with sunny skies highs in the low 20’s and lows in the high single digits, so you can ask for much more than that to get out there and enjoy the first trip!

7:00 p,m UPDATE.  I got to talk to numerous fishermen as they came off the lake tonight.  One father-son C/R a 27″ Walleye, kept a 19″.   Another father-son caught 35 Perch, kept 16 over 10″ and C/R 9 Walleyes under 18″ and had two line breakers.  One rental kept 11 Perch over 10″ and released numerous 13″-17″ Walleyes. Another fisherman C/R 4 Walleyes between 22″and 26″. Another rental C/R 8 Walleyes, 6 under and 2 over the slot with 9 Perch over 10″. Some others did ok and some didn’t..depended on where you were and what time you were out.   All in all a pretty good day out there.

Keep a Tight Line!