January 1st, 2018

2017 went out quietly on the ice on New Years.  The temperature dipped to -21 degrees so most fishermen stayed put and there was not much activity.  Tomorrow we are going to recheck the ice on the roads and areas I have prepared and start the pulling of customers houses, with the goal of getting as many as possible out for this coming weekend,

We are allowing 1/2 ton vehicles with wheelhouses out to some areas, and letting most vehicles out except 1 tons without wheelhouses. We expect that our customers limit there speed on the roads to 8 mph or less.  You do not have to drive a long ways to get to good fishing here so there is no reason to have to go fast and screw up the ice road for others.

Here’s to a New Year on the ice and for the whole Mille Lacs area in general.  With all the controversy and problems with the fishery and it’s changes, we are looking forward a better year. It’s been some trying times and there has been so much negativity caused by two different rules for the people in the area along with a reservation boundary dispute between the Mille lacs Band and Mille Lacs County. When the State of Minnesota, Mille Lacs County, the Mille lacs Band, and the US Government realize that everyone living here and elsewhere in the United States need to live under the same rules and regulations that the majority does, all of us will be better off…

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy