January 20th, 2013 8:00 p.m.

Today as fishermen came off the lake we got to see who caught what.   Fishing was good for most Friday, Friday night and Saturday a.m.  When the winds started Saturday afternoon it shut down until about midnight. Most of the rentals did fair overnight Saturday and early morning until about noon.  The wind picked up along with the barometer and things slowed.  All in all except for a couple houses, fishermen were happy with the fish they caught.  Seen one and heard of two 30 plus inch Walleyes caught and released,  a 1o and 14 pound Northern, and most Walleyes caught were too big too keep. With the 40 plus winds Saturday everyone had a story to tell when they checked out today, especially after seeing what the lake can dish with weather .  All in all I would say a pretty good weekend.   All the rentals stayed were warm and safe and all had a good time.   We escorted a few lost fishermen from different areas that got turned around, but most fishermen stayed put through the worst of it. Today was spent clearing snow from the access and the first mile out on our roads,  ( I think most of the snow on the lake ended up in front of us……)  and it was like plowing cement.  But we got it all cleared away and we are in good shape now.  Sounds like the next couple days we are headed for the deep freeze….No more ice worries…time for the auger extensions!

Keep a  tight line!   Eddy