January 20th, 2015

Monday we started to move some rentals to new spots and for groups this coming weekend. We had some light snow and a fairly strong SE wind, so a portable was not the best but those in houses enjoying some pretty good fishing with the low barometer.

A 39″ Northern was caught by North Twin and and most of the rentals had Walleyes, some too small and some too big.  None that I heard were in the slot. Some rentals had just Perch and most were small.  One rental had a 36″ inch Northern also.  All in all, a pretty decent day.

Today I’m getting a chance to read the details of the Fishing Roundtable held last weekend in St. Paul where the “blue ribbon panel” appointed by the DNR presented their report on Mille Lacs and the DNR’s actions.  Should be interesting………I’m sure I will have a comment or two after reading it…..

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy