January 20th, 2017

Friday was a damp, wet, sometimes foggy day with a little drizzle.  Not the things you normally want to see on the ice.  Our ice conditions are good with 20-24 inches of ice and we are not crossing the ridge that is 2 miles out.  We have alot of fishing spots and there is no need to attempt the crossing with warm weather like this.

The daytime bite improved a little with the overcast and the night bite is staying consistent.  Perch activity is slow, but in the shallow water the ones they get are nice.  Anglers are still getting a Walleye in the slot once and awhile along with Walleye of all different sizes. The Northern Pike are doing well inside of the Islands.  A 39″ was C/R yesterday.

Wheelhouses that are thinking of coming out of here need to be here and on the ice before dark.  With the the foggy conditions on the ice I will not let them go out when they can’t see the ice they are traveling on.

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy