January 20th, 2018

Friday evening thru early Saturday morning fishermen on the deep breaks had pretty good action, with as many as 10 Walleyes per house from what reports I heard. Some of the shallow water areas 14-18 feet had intermittent action all thru the night.  Some of the in close reefs produces some trophys, a 29″ and numerous 27″ were reported C/R.

I got all the roads cleaned up and ready along with moving drifts away from all the houses in preparation for the “snowstorm” we were forecast to get.  At the last report we were supposed to receive up to 6″ and some strong winds, but the main snow track shifted about 100 miles south and it sound like we will only get a trace.  But that is the weather.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.   Sometimes we luck out.  Sunday/Monday should be some good fishing with the weather system sliding by.

I’m going to sit in the office Sunday and see what reports we get from fishermen and post Sunday evening.  Friday night about 10:30pm (after our office was closed) a truck and wheelhouse went out of our access and did not come in Saturday to the office to settle up with access fees.   It will be interesting to see if he stops today.  All wheelhouses stop when they leave because of the way we charge them when they arrive.  They get a prorated refund for the days they were out there.  So when they just drive thru on their way off I know right away who it was.  It still amazes me after all these years that some fishermen can be that low to not respect the resorter’s efforts to maintain good ice roads and pay a $10.00 access fee to use a privately owned access so they can get out 4- 5 miles on the lake with their $50,000.00 truck and wheelhouse.

Keep a Tight LIne!   Eddy