January 20th,2016

Yesterday fishing activity was pretty slow in most spots except for the evening bite.  Southwest of Spider Perch action was good most of the day, but you had to pick thru them. One angler was out in the “Tullibee Hole” and watched lots of Perch on the camera but they were not active, and there were small Tullibee mixed in also.

Single axle wheelhouses with 1/2 trucks will be allowed out of our access to areas we go to.  Tandem axle houses and will have to stay on the thicker ice closer to shore.  We will show you on the maps when you arrive.  I will not have all that weight travel on the established roads and weaken the ice for others. With the warmer weather coming it will not heal as fast, and for whatever reason most anglers with wheelhouses can’t drive slowly, even though we ask them.  If they would check the weight of their pulling vehicle and their wheelhouse and gear and add them together they would realize why they should.

We will keep pulling our customers houses that call ahead for the coming weekend.  Ones that don’t will stay on shore until they call.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is on for Feb 27th, 150 contestants, $50.00/contestant, 100% payback in prizes.  You must pay when you sign up at the office.

Keep a Tight Line!!